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My name is Danielle. By day, I help people find the perfect camper for them to take on new adventures with their friends and family. Unfortunately, I cannot say that by night I am Batman, but when I am not at work I am planning new camping adventures, coming up with recipes to try by the campfire and working on various diy projects.

I’ve been in the rv industry for two years now and I am happy to report that this is it. This is my true passion and I’m excited that I get to share it with the world! I love that I get to come into work every day and help people spend time with their families, help them explore the country, break free of being tied down and hit the open road.

I started out in this industry as part of the service department. One of the main things that I commonly saw was that people were not properly educated on how to maintain their camper. With this blog I intend on showing you how to maintain your camper, what is new and exciting as far as new floor plans and what the manufacturers are up to, as well as some recipes for around the campfire. I want to help you use your camper and get the most out of it.


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