Cool Camper of the Week: 2016 Vengeance Touring 40D12

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This week’s featured Cool Camper of the Week is the Vengeance Touring 40D12, and it goes out to the party campers, those with toys looking to have a wild adventure or even something to live in while you explore the country. From the dual party decks, bose sound system, and on board generator, wherever you go the party is sure to follow when you have the 2016 Vengeance 40D12.

The thing that is so unique about this model is the dual party decks. Most toy hauler fifth wheels come with the option of the rear party deck but very few come with the second deck on the side, which truly makes this camper stand out. Both decks are suspended from the camper by steel braided cables and have handrails going around them, perfect if you have dogs and don’t want them getting away or if you’ve had one too many adult refreshments.

It wouldn’t be as fun without the amazing sound system. Inside the rear garage as well as on the exterior of the camper are several mounts for the Bose speakers it comes equipped with to enhance the sound systems already built in speakers. The stereo system also has a built in blue tooth function so you are able to stream music from your phone or tablet. Making it easy to connect with and play your favorite songs wirelessly throughout the camper.

Whether you are at a campground or off the grid the on-board generator guarantees that you will always have power and be good to go. (So the party never has to stop.) Inside the camper you can control the generator as well as check the hours. It feeds off of the fuel station in the rear of the camper, which is another awesome feature if you are bringing some toys along for the adventure.

It all boils down to, Can you party everywhere? Heck Yeah! Check out more information on this week’s featured Cool Camper of the Week right here. It is currently on sale for $66,999!!! See below for a photo tour. Contact me if you would like to come out and see this camper in person!

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