Finding Your First Camper

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I didn’t grow up in a family that went camping. The closest I ever got was making a pillow fort out of pillows and towels out on the back deck and sleeping under the stars with my friends. I cherish those memories fondly but I am quite jealous when I hear people talk about all of the great family adventures that they went on growing up.

As a society we have moved towards a work, work, work philosophy, always connected to the internet with our phones and computers. Camping to me is about the disconnect from all of the screens, getting back to family, back to meeting new people and exploration. We started as a country full of explorers and adventurers, camping brings me back to that.

I hope that if you are reading this article that you are excited about all of the possibilities that camping and rving can open up for you. If you have never experienced camping first hand I highly recommend getting out there and trying it!

KOA campgrounds (depending on the location) normally have cabins and campers that you can rent to stay in and get your very own camping experience. I highly recommend it if you are trying to decide if camping is right for you and your family. Everything is pretty much set up for you and all you need to bring is an awesome attitude, some clothes and food. (You may also want to pack a wireless speaker to listen to some tunes and a cooler of beer but I will leave all of the details up to you.) Getting out and experiencing the camping lifestyle will help you determine if it is a good fit for you.

Okay so I love camping… now what???

Time to find your first camper! You can ask any guy in my life and they will tell you that I love shopping almost as much as I love camping, which is why I like my job so much. Everyday I look at hundreds of campers and learn their different features. My goal is to know pretty much everything there is in order to help be your personal shopper.

People from all walks of life camp and use their campers in different ways. So when we first start talking about rv’s I like to learn about you. I want to know what experiences you have had camping, things that you liked and didn’t like about a friend’s camper and how you want to use your new camper. Below I have put several questions that you should ask yourself before you start the process of finding your dream camper.

Questions you can ask yourself to help narrow down what features are important to you and your family in your camper.

What things will you take with you?
How much storage space will you need?
How many people do you need to sleep?
Are you going to tow your camper with you or are you going to park it at a camp ground permanently?
How much can your vehicle tow?

It is important to be realistic about what things you want. There are a bunch of features out there but unfortunately if I had a camper with everything I could possibly want it could be 60 feet long and have 18 slides.

When I was considering my camper, weight and ease of towing was a very important feature to me. I do not have a huge truck to tow a camper with so I knew right off of the bat that I would be looking at small campers. And since it is only me and a handful of friends on occasion I didn’t need anything that slept more than four. (There is no shame in having a tent pitched on your campsite too.)

I really like that my camper fits my lifestyle. I do not have a lot of time off so it was important to me to have something that I could just pull up in and set up fast. Also I have never been much of a fan of the heat or going pee behind a tree so I knew that I was going to want a bath and an ac unit. (Most campers that are able to be towed by a van or small suv might not have a bath or it would have a wet bath like I have in my camper. Almost all campers have ac anymore except some older ones and pop ups.)

Even though I absolutely love my camper there are things that I wish I would have thought about beforehand. I do not have a lot of storage space. So I have had to resort to putting pantry items in a tub under the one bottom bunk, along with duffle bags full of clothes. I also do not have that large of a fridge so if I go on a longer trip or have more people with me I have to make sure that I have coolers or there is a store nearby I can stop at.

Despite the small things that I do not like, my camper overall fits my needs. You will find when you are on the hunt for your dream camper that there are things that you will be able to live with and things that you need. Helping communicate with an RV professional about your wants and needs and things that you like will make it easier to narrow down thousands of campers to just a handful of potential candidates.

If you have questions or are looking for some help finding your first camper please do not hesitate to contact me.

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