One Touch Leveling for Travel Trailers

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Lippert has been on the cutting edge bringing you the latest in RV gadgets. The newest gadget that they have come up with is called Ground Control. Ground Control is a brand new leveling and stabilizing system that is designed for travel trailers. They are the same company that is behind the Six Point Level Up System commonly used on high end fifth wheels.

This is the first ever automatic leveling system designed for travel trailers. With just one touch you can level your whole camper in a matter of minutes. Not only does it take the guess work out of leveling your camper, it also has a memory function. Which is designed to store your trailer hitch height so that when you are ready to leave you activate the controls and the camper goes back to the correct height for your tow vehicle and retracts the leveling jacks.

The photos in the gallery below are from the Expo where you can clearly see the jacks and how they function as well as where they are located on the chassis of the camper.

  • First ever automatic leveling system designed for travel trailers
  • Automatic, one-touch electric leveling
  • New Smart Jack remembers trailer hitch height
  • Under 3 minutes to level!

Compatible with OneControl™ wireless technology

(Lippert also has the MyLCI app you can get so no matter where you adventure takes you, you will have all of the information at your fingertips. I highly recommend it if you have Lippert Components in your camper.)

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