Top 8 Compact Kitchen Goodies for the Foodie Camper in your Life

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I simply adore mixing my love for camping with my love for cooking! I’ll never forget when I went camping for the first time and forgot to bring all kinds of basic things that I should have thought of. Which ended with me packing up the Class A motor home that we were using at the time and driving to Kroger to pick up a bunch of things that we needed but were not convenient. I no longer have a photo of the huge Class A that we took out to the German American Festival that first year so here’s a photo from the second trip we made out there in a friends Fifth Wheel.

Since then I have found myself always on the lookout for space saving gadgets. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you!

Here are my Top 8┬áCompact Kitchen Goodies for the Foodie Camper…


Compact Nesting Mixing Bowl Set and Measuring Tools

Love how these take up minimal space and is everything that you need in one.

Full Circle Tiny Team mini brush and dustpan set

Most messes that occur are outside but it is nice having a small dustpan to quickly clean up sand and dirt that gets tracked inside.

5 Pc. Space Saving Kitchen Gadget Set

Sometimes I like to cook fancy while camping and this set gives me a lot of flexibility and stores neatly in my kitchen drawer.

2-Tier Plastic Dish Drainer with Drain Board

Not having this drove me crazy. Nine times out of ten I try to do my dishes outside but it seems that on the last day when I’m packing up there are always a couple things that have stacked up in the sink.

Outdoors Gourmet Kitchen Set (11-Piece)

This is a little above and beyond but when I take my friends who are really into cooking it is great to have the tools for them to show off their talents!

5-Piece Compact Nesting Kitchen Utensil Set

These are some of the utensils that I have randomly encountered needing and not having. I love that they occupy such a small footprint!

Nest Storage Resuable Plastic Food Storage Containers Set

Leftovers from dinner? Stash them in your fridge in these colorful containers.


Nordic Ware Compact Ovenware 5 piece Set

Ovenware that will actually fit in your rv oven! Not everyone bakes but if you do it is important to get the right size.

Are you a foodie? What kitchen essentials can you not live without?

I look forward to hearing from you! See you next time!

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