Camping in the Winter

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First of all if you are attempting this you are very brave and I commend you for it. It is the middle of January and while I long to be at a campsite sitting by a fire having a beer and meeting awesome new people, I am sitting snuggled up in my home office diligently typing away.

If you are brave enough to venture out in the winter months and camp where it is cold there are some advantages. You get to go to destinations and explore your winter hobbies, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, heck even hiking. Campgrounds are not busy, although it might be hard to find one that is open. You also get to see what places are like buried in snow. Which despite how much I can hate it at times, I still think it is beautiful in a serene way.

Did you purchase a “Four Season” RV?

If you did you should be happy to know that you might not need to go to some of the extremes that people who do not have as well insulated of an rv have to go to. But here are 4 tips on ways to keep your camper warm.

1. Heated Water Hose

A heated water hose will keep the water coming from your campsite warm enough not to freeze allowing you to have running water in your rv.

Some people who I have talked to who use their rv in the winter just don’t use water of any kind and leave it winterized, which is another option.

2. Straw or Hay under your RV

Putting Straw or Hay underneath your camper will help prevent wind going underneath your camper and provide more insulation.

3. Skirting

In addition to putting straw or hay underneath your camper you can also put skirting around it. Most of the skirting I have seen people have made themselves. It is designed to help block the cold wind from going underneath your camper and will help your rv retain it’s warmth.

4. Adding Tank Heaters

You have gone through all of these tips and still find that your tanks are getting too cold and are concerned that they might crack due to freezing. I highly recommend spending the extra money to have 12 volt tank heating pads added to your tanks. The pads function off of your 12 volt system allowing you to heat your tanks without having shore power and will help keep them from freezing.

If you are going to be using your RV in the winter months in colder temperatures I highly encourage you to look for one that has a heated and enclosed underbelly. This will help with keeping your camper insulated. Also remember that there is no such thing as a four season camper (unless you are in Florida all year). If the temperatures get cold enough even your house will freeze, so take extra care when it comes to your home away from home

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