Quite Possibly the comfiest camping chair EVER

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I had my first camping trip of 2017 over my birthday weekend and had a blast! I got to share my birthday with my mom, which also happened to fall on mother’s day this year! I cannot wait to tell you guys all about how awesome of a campground Maumee Bay State Park is but I have to tell you about these new chairs I broke down and bought for Lulu, my rpod.

For the longest time I had these beat up zero gravity loungers which were amazing but were a little worse for wear. I really never explored all of the options that are out there when it comes to camping chairs and I was certain that when I replaced them I was just going to get another set of zero gravity loungers. We have a ton of camping chairs here in the store and when I started exploring the chair selection here at Camping World of Toledo I found that my decision wasn’t going to be so clear cut.

I wanted chairs that would fold down to a decent size to make easier for storing, but I didn’t want to sacrifice the comfort. And once I sat in the Club Chair I was hooked! They are super padded and very easy to relax in. I highly recommend also getting the little foot stools that go with them. With the foot stool you are able to lean back and relax which was the one thing that I did not want to lose when I got new chairs. They also fold down to a reasonable size for storing and come in a plastic bag which is perfect for protecting them when in transit. They also come in four colors to match your campsite decor Charcoal, Brown, Navy and Blue. I opted for the Charcoal Club Chairs, as you can see in the photo of my beautiful campsite! And at least in my opinion they are quite possibly the comfiest camping chairs ever!

What are your favorite camping chairs? Do you have a Club Chair yourself?

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