Meet the Chief!! (Introducing the 1988 Winnebago Chieftain)

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For the longest time I have had the urge to find a decent vintage camper to breath some life back into and make my own.


While Lulu was great to get me on the road and out going camping I’m excited to introduce you to the Chief. Chief is definitely going to be more of a challenge. As you can see right now he doesn’t look like much.

It seems obvious to say but RV’s have come a long way in 30 years. While I feel that I am quite versed in the different systems that are on new units I have learned a lot just from the first couple of days of getting my hands on the Chief. My goal right now is just to evaluate all of the systems and set a list of priorities. With it being the age it is I know that there are going to be repairs that will need made in addition to the updating but I am very excited to dig in and get my hands dirty.

This is going to be a fun opportunity to make something unique.

I am really looking forward to taking you with me on the journey to renovate and take this vintage 1988 Winnebago Chieftain 22 back to its glory days.


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